Yikes! It’s Hot

Boy, it was a scorcher today. Our outdoor thermometer was showing 110 degrees this afternoon, and we must have been out of our minds because we actually ventured out into the heat. :D We hit downtown Cleveland to tour the Veterans Memorial Bridge and the old subway below. We saw trolley cars, old tracks plus we had an awesome view of the beautiful architecture.  However, I have to say that I don’t think all of us enjoyed the tour this time as much as the last because…um…did I mention that it was like super HOT today? Below are some pics we took…

The next three photos were taken the last time we did the tour which was back in 2008. It wasn’t as hot then which allowed us to go up and walk on the bridge itself. No way were we going to do it this time…we’re not that crazy yet. :D

For dinner, we decided to omit any form of meals that require cooking and finally settled on an easy-peasy salsa dip and beer…sigh. We’ll probably be hungry later tonight but we’ll figure out something then. :D

Our favorite store-bought salsa
Pour some in a bowl
Layer with sour cream,
and sprinkle generously with cheese
Serve with tortilla chips
and beer :D
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6 Replies to “Yikes! It’s Hot”

  1. What a fun day!! I had the exact same beer for dinner. A perfect day for Summer Shandy. That’s neat about the train cars in the old subway.

    1. It probably would have been more fun without the extreme heat. :D It was really sweltering hot today. Hope you and G managed to stay cool.

  2. That looks like such a fun place to visit! I would love to take more pics of downtown Cleveland – maybe we will visit you again soooooon! :D The dip looks delicious – I am going to try it for sure this week! What’s Summer Shandy? We don’t have it here and it looks intriguing. I would love to try it out. Is it something you get from Costco?

    1. The bridge and subway tour is usually available only once a year…which is why we decided to brave the heat anyway…but it was really much too hot yesterday. Come visit when it’s cooler…most days we just stay indoor to avoid the heat. I find Summer Shandy to be similar to a light beer. I was actually hoping it was more like the shandy in Malaysia (less “beery”) but it wasn’t – not bad though. You can find them in a regular grocery store as well as Costco. :D

  3. That’s a nice tour of the bridge, and I can see Alex has grown so much :-) ! Yeah, I was wondering about the taste of your Summer Shandy. Thought of asking if it tastes similar to the Shandy back in M’sia, but I guess it has a more sweet to bitter taste, as far as a “real” beer is concerned, right?

    1. I feel that the shandy in M’sia is sweeter. This Summer Shandy is more like beer (more bitter) than the shandy back home. :D

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