Happy Summer

Awww…..isn’t he cute? :D

Whew! It has been hot, hot, hot these past couple of weeks and the storms kept missing us (not that I’m complaining since I would rather not have destruction all around just to get some rain). So on top of the extreme heat, we are super dry as well. After having barely any rain for about a month now, we finally got some for two days in a row. Yay! Please visit us often, rain. We miss you!

Getting ready to blow the candles. Note his new super short haircut. :D

Here’s what’s been happening for the past month – my computer crashed (which took forever to fix…I’m not sure how I survived this past month without it but Keith finally managed to restore my computer to the way it was. Thanks much, Babe!), Alex and I kept getting sick with summer colds (NOT fun), Alex celebrated his 9th birthday (my baby is growing up, sob!) and I just had a root canal (ouch!). Other than that, we’ve been doing only minimal activities…trying to survive the heat wave. Let’s hope this extreme heat moves on sometime soon.

Oki-doki, hopefully everyone is having a great summer so far (despite the heat). Till next time, stay cool! :D

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4 Replies to “Happy Summer”

  1. Welcome back! Been wondering why I have not heard from you in a while…Btw “Happy Birthday, Alex” with lots of love, hugs & kisses from Aunty June & all at home….

    1. Thanks, June. I’ll be sure to pass the hugs & kisses on to him. :D

  2. Hi Chris! At least you’re back blogging. I’ve not been blogging for months now… and my computer’s not crashed (touch wood), but have been darn busy at work. :-( Good to read you again. Lucky you guys with the sun. It has been raining cats and dogs over here one day, drizzle another day, a couple hours of sunshine and again down came the rain…. I can never ever get my car washed and letting it stay immaculately body clean. It’s just frustrating!

    1. Hi Isadora,

      Good to see you again. :D If only we can trade our weather…it’s so dry over here that we are offcially considered to be having a pretty severe drought. We have well water where we live and I’m seriously worried about running out of water.

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