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Hello! My name is Chris. Welcome to Simple Pleasures in our Lives! Time simply flies by, it seems – it has been two years since I last updated my greetings…..I guess it’s time I do it, huh?

Keith and I just celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary and our son will be turning 17! Yikes! It truly doesn’t feel like all these years have gone by until I do the actual math in my head. :) Alex is on the Autism spectrum with language and social challenges but he has grown up to be such a helpful and respectful young man who is crazy smart in math! Love this kiddo! ❤️

After three and a half years of brief insanity, I finally graduated with my master’s last August (2019) and am now officially a librarian. :) You would think I would have more time to spend in the kitchen now but nope…..I am absolutely exhausted after work most days! The reality is that if you hold a full-time job, between that and general life responsibilities, there really isn’t much time for anything else. Hence, the shorter blog posts as well. :)

My extremely brief posts nowadays tend to focus on simple things that bring joy and a sense of contentment to my hectic life. I hope those little glimpses will do the same for you. ❤️

Thank you so much for visiting!

Till next time,

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8 Replies to “Meet Chris”

  1. Just read “About” you now. Nice intro. You’re right about blogging having an added bonus of “meeting” new people and making new friends. I’m glad I found you…. You know where to find me, right ;-)
    Cheers xxx

    1. Thanks Nasifriet! Am really glad to make a new friend! :D

  2. Hi Chris!

    I like how you’ve approached blogging about your cooking and daily life. What interests me about you is that you blog and homeschool your child which my husband and I plan to do too.

    I just found your blog because I want to make Pandan cake for mother’s day :-)

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Linna,

      Thank you so much for dropping by, and I appreciate your kind words. I wish you and your husband a fun and exciting homeschooling journey. At times, it can be challenging and intimidating, but don’t give up because it will be worth it. :D Happy Belated Mother’s Day, by the way and hope you got to make a pandan cake for the special day.

      Hope to see you again. :D

  3. Hi Chris,

    Hello, how are u, I’m from New Zealand, i found your blog recently and very very liking your recipes esp the pandan chiffon cake. My family likes it, thanks for your kindness in sharing your recipes and time. Hope we meet in the future, where you from? Email me and lets share recipes, loving your recipes on chiffon.


    1. Hello Grace,

      Nice to meet you. Thank you for dropping by…I’m glad you found something to your liking. I’m originally from Malaysia but have settled in the States. Pandan Chiffon Cake has always been one of my favorite cakes growing up and it still is. :) And I love chiffon cakes in general because they are light and tend not to be too sweet…just the way I like my desserts usually. I admit I have my sweet tooth moments as well. :) I’ll try to email you when I get a chance (I appreciate the invite)…although time is truly scarce in our busy lives. If you’re on FB, you can catch me on FB as well. Hope to see you again, and thank you again for your kind comments.


  4. Hi Chris,

    Greetings from Canada.
    Spring is just round the corner.
    I love your blog…and with all the recipes. Finally I found the pandan cake which is also one of my favourite. I have been looking for a pandan cake recipe for sometimes. I had made a few from different recipes and most are tad too sweet. And I can’t wait to try your recipe this weekend. I will let you know how it goes!! ;)
    Thank you…

    1. Hi Gertrude,

      Thank you for stopping by! Pandan Chiffon is a favorite of mine too. :) I hope you got to try the recipe (which is not very sweet at all, just the way I like it) and that it turned out well for you. Stop by again.


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