Bak Kwa (Chinese Pork Jerky)

Here’s another popular Chinese New Year snack in Malaysia/Singapore. Bak kwa is a savory-sweet dried meat that is similar to an American jerky. It has a tender, slightly chewy texture and is addictively delicious! Enjoy! 2 pounds ground pork 3/4 cup sugar 2 tablespoons light soy sauce 1-1/2 tablespoons fish sauce 1 tablespoon oyster sauce […]

Cashew Cookies

As much as I love pineapple tarts and kuih bangkit, they are so time-consuming to make. Thankfully, I love these cashew cookies as well and they are much easier and faster to churn out! Delicious! Recipe can be found here at a previous post.

Nian Gao (Chinese New Year Cake)

Took down our Christmas decorations yesterday before the snow came and hung up a couple of lanterns outside (Keith did all that in the freezing cold just for me ❤️). I also took the opportunity to make some nian gao for the fast-approaching Chinese New Year. They are simple to put together but can be […]


You know, there is no shame in admitting that there are certain foods you just can’t replicate at home. :) For me, that’s Chinese-style pastries……and it’s so hard to find good ones here. To my local friends, CAM carries this brand of hopia that I find to be absolutely delicious – flaky, tender, not too […]

Frying Keropok

Keropok + Acar = Happiness! How can I not fry up some? But honestly, like I need an excuse to fry something, lol. In this case, there’s just something satisfying about watching the pieces expand to delicious crispiness! ❤️

Making Acar Timun

Yes, I admit that I am a glutton for punishment. After making what seemed like gazillion cashew cookies (sold some of them), I proceeded to make an impromptu decision yesterday to make acar timun, a Malaysian-style spicy pickled cucumber Chinese New Year treat. Typically, we eat this like a dip with keropok udang (shrimp crackers). […]

Cashew Cookies Baking Marathon

Had a cashew cookies baking marathon Friday evening, right after work and a quick dinner and we’ve been enjoying these delicious morsels with my favorite Fig Leaf coffee since then. Pure bliss! ❤️ Recipe can be found here in a prior post.

Crunchy Rice Rollers

These very lightly sweetened, crunchy rice rollers have been part of my self-care regimen lately. Due to an extra restrictive diet and in an attempt to try to manage the physical side effects of my medications, there aren’t a lot of foods I can enjoy at the moment. However, I know I can enjoy these […]

Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Minis

Over the holidays, we discovered the Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Minis at Costco! Holy moly, they are so awesomely delicious!!! Coconuty, not too sweet (51% less sugar than the leading brand) but that just makes it so easy to eat more, lol, gluten-free, dairy-free – be still my heart! Zero sodium!!! I’m currently on quite […]

Air Fryer Roasted Cashews

Roasted cashews in our air fryer tonight – took only a tablespoon oil and 4 to 5 minutes per batch! Too delicious and so easy-peasy! Pinch me, someone! 😁 Lightly Salted Cashews 2 cups raw cashews 1 tablespoon oil 1/2 teaspoon salt Preheat air fryer to air fry at 350F. Stir cashews, oil, and salt […]