Refreshing Mango Drink

Make this refreshing and delicious mango drink anytime. 3/4 teaspoon edible basil seeds 2 cups water 1-1/3 cups mango nectar Fresh thyme leaves (optional) Combine everything together (basil seeds will take several minutes to swell up) and enjoy! ❤️

Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs

I keep seeing these everywhere online and figured today is a good day to jump on the bandwagon. Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Personal note: Use 1 cup chocolate chips to make 6 chocolate bombs. Melt chocolate chips in the microwave at 15-second increments. The mold that I used is this one. Make sure chocolate has […]

Frying Keropok

Keropok + Acar = Happiness! How can I not fry up some? But honestly, like I need an excuse to fry something, lol. In this case, there’s just something satisfying about watching the pieces expand to delicious crispiness! ❤️

Making Acar Timun

Yes, I admit that I am a glutton for punishment. After making what seemed like gazillion cashew cookies (sold some of them), I proceeded to make an impromptu decision yesterday to make acar timun, a Malaysian-style spicy pickled cucumber Chinese New Year treat. Typically, we eat this like a dip with keropok udang (shrimp crackers). […]

Fig Leaf Coffee

I’ve been hearing the term hygge (hue-guh) or self-care a lot lately and it’s even more relevant to me now, more than ever as I struggle with the consequences of a health condition and the side effects of the medications I need to take, while in the midst of a pandemic nonetheless (and I am […]

Grass Jelly Drink

Sometimes, you just want a simple grass jelly drink. One’s plain with just sugar syrup, the other is mixed with vanilla soy milk – both are equally delicious! 1 (1 lbs 3oz) can grass jelly 1/4 cup sugar 1-1/2 cups water Remove grass jelly from the can into a dish or bowl. Slice/dice the jelly […]

Chicken Egg Rolls

The deep-frying saga continues today, lol. Another thing I craved recently is fried spring rolls. I ended up making egg rolls instead since I didn’t feel like going to the Asian store to buy spring roll wraps. I have to say I am pretty impressed with the Nasoya egg roll wraps – everything you need […]

Delicious Lemonade

Keith’s next favorite drink, after limeade of course. 😁 4 cups water 1 cup sugar Juice of 5 lemons 1 lemon, halved and thinly sliced for garnish 1 teaspoon salt In a 1-quart liquid measuring cup, combine water and sugar and microwave until warm, about two to three minutes (do it in a couple of […]

Baked Beef Curry Puffs

Baked these deliciousness last night – mouthwatering, flavorful beef and potato curry filling encased in crispy, buttery pastry – the combination is absolutely heady! Indulge with family and friends or freeze for future treats because you would not be able to stop at just one or two or even three. :) Enjoy! Make the filling […]