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I’ve been hearing the term hygge (hue-guh) or self-care a lot lately and it’s even more relevant to me now, more than ever as I struggle with the consequences of a health condition and the side effects of the medications I need to take, while in the midst of a pandemic nonetheless (and I am sure I am not alone in facing significant life challenges during this difficult time). So, as a reminder to make and take time to care for myself, I’m going to try to post little things that bring me some feeling of joy and contentment. :)

Right this moment, I am thoroughly enjoying a delicious cup of coffee from Fig Leaf Coffee Company. This is another gem we discovered over the holidays and I have since then informed Keith that I will no longer drink any other coffee, lol. We have tried four different types so far and love them all! I find them to be big in flavor but yet taste soooooooo smooth and creamy. My favorite so far is the Papua New Guinea – Siane Chimbu Organic. So delicious with a lot of interesting undertones – an absolute joy in every sip! So here’s my reminder to you wherever you are, take a moment to make your favorite drink and enjoy! ❤️

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