Cleveland Botanical Garden

Visited Cleveland Botanical Garden today – beautiful and oh so creative Christmas tree and gingerbread house displays. Love the variety of exotic plants, butterflies, birds, and more in the Glasshouse as well! Truly a fantastic place to visit if you are in the area.

A Few Hours in Cleveland

Keith and I took a much needed day off, wandering around and doing nothing, lol. We went to three Asian grocery stores – finally found the ingredients we were seeking in the third one. Then, we stopped for a quick meal – I am still a little on the fence but the Beef Chow Hor […]

Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Cleveland

On day 2 of our family vacation, we decided to do a scavenger hunt of famous landmarks in downtown Cleveland. For us, one sure way of getting Alex interested in checking out new things or places is to incorporate them into a scavenger hunt game. After much googling, we came across only one website – […]

Asian Stores and West Side Market

After his week of camp, Alex promptly fell sick. In fact, he was sick the whole of last week and is actually still recovering at the moment. Since I was cooped up in the house with him, I finally decided it was time to make space for my ever-growing vintage cookbook collection, instead of just […]

Dim Sum at Li Wah

Last Friday was the last day of our mini-vacation without Alex. As much as I love my one-to-one time with Keith, I missed my kiddo as well (even though it was actually a break for me…go figure). After we dropped Alex off at camp, we headed to downtown Cleveland and decided to have dim sum […]

West Side Market in Cleveland

Yesterday, we decided to make a quick trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland (okay, Keith and I decided and Alex had no say but to tag along…sure is hard being a kid :D). Although WSM is supposedly a great foodie destination in Cleveland (and considering we live just 45 minutes away), we hardly ever visit it. That place is […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! It was a gorgeous day today! I think we might just have officially used up our quota of good days for the year. :D Since we opted not to cook a big Thanksgiving meal (which we will be doing at Christmas instead), we decided to use our free time to visit the Cleveland Metroparks […]

Yikes! It’s Hot

Boy, it was a scorcher today. Our outdoor thermometer was showing 110 degrees this afternoon, and we must have been out of our minds because we actually ventured out into the heat. :D We hit downtown Cleveland to tour the Veterans Memorial Bridge and the old subway below. We saw trolley cars, old tracks plus we had an awesome view […]