Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! It was a gorgeous day today! I think we might just have officially used up our quota of good days for the year. :D Since we opted not to cook a big Thanksgiving meal (which we will be doing at Christmas instead), we decided to use our free time to visit the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. And I guess many had the same idea because the zoo was packed! Still, we had lots of fun – the sun was shining, the day was warm, the animals were active and out and about (probably enjoying the weather as well), and most importantly, Keith, Alex, and I were together. :D We are definitely thankful for everything in our lives, especially our family and friends. Thinking of all of you (near and far) on this beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving! Lots of love from us in Ohio.

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P.S. Although I decided not to cook any turkey today, for some reason I kept thinking about it all day long. Geez! :D So on our way home from the zoo, we decided to stop at our local grocery store and we bought a couple of turkey wings (would have prefered the legs :D), which are currently roasting in the oven. OMG…the house smells so gooooood!

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