Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Cleveland

On day 2 of our family vacation, we decided to do a scavenger hunt of famous landmarks in downtown Cleveland. For us, one sure way of getting Alex interested in checking out new things or places is to incorporate them into a scavenger hunt game. After much googling, we came across only one website – My Activity Maker that has clues written up already so we wouldn’t have to do that part ourselves. However, based on time availability and the fact that Alex and I still didn’t feel that great, we cut down the scavenger hunt list and rearranged it so that we won’t be zipping back and forth all over the city. Print a map to bring along with you if your kiddo likes maps. Also, having a smartphone with access to Google or any search engine will come in really handy in helping to decipher the clues. :) Here are a few photos of the places we visited. Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt in Downtown Cleveland”

  1. Terrific! Looks like lots of places that we haven’t seen in Cleveland. Must have been a really fun day. Also tiring, I would guess.

    1. You guessed it right – fun and tiring! :)

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