Picking Blueberries

It has been a while since Keith and I last watched a good movie…one where neither of us would fall asleep on the couch halfway through. :D Since we don’t ever keep up with new movie releases, picking a good show is always a toss-up. However, I think we may have hit a jackpot last night with the movie “Real Steel.” Both of us thought it was one of the best shows we’ve seen recently. It was action-filled all the way, emotionally touching (who would have thought the movie would turn out to be a tear-jerker), funny, and beautifully inspiring – the underdogs came out on top, of course. If you haven’t watched it before, we definitely recommend it. :D

Today, we decided to take advantage of the slightly cooler weather (still hot but bearable) and went blueberry picking. We had fun filling our bucket with fresh, yummy blueberries – check out some of the pics I took…

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2 Replies to “Picking Blueberries”

  1. Mmmmm….lovely looking blueberries. Gonna make jam?

    1. Nope. :D I did make something yesterday using a little bit of the blueberries. If it turns out right, I’ll post the recipe tonight. :D Still a lot of blueberries left…not sure what to do with them yet. We’ll probably eat a lot of them straight up because they are so yummy as is. Hope your workload ease up a little soon so you can return to blogging. :D

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