Fall Pick Your Own Fruits

Prior to making the apple cake in the last post, Keith and I had so much fun picking our own apples at a local farm (the apples were sooooooo delicious!). We also picked raspberries (we were surprised to find raspberries this late in the year) and Concord grapes, and cut a bouquet of gorgeous dahlias. […]

Blueberry Picking

Haven’t really gone anywhere since end of March other than to the grocery stores when necessary, we took the opportunity to visit a local farm to pick our own blueberries last weekend. ❤️

Picking Blueberries

Blueberry season is in full swing right now, and I managed to persuade Alex to go pick some with me yesterday. It was cloudy, breezy, and cool (another weird summer day) but just perfect for blueberry picking. :) {For the past several years, we have been picking blueberries at Voytko Farms in Auburn Township, Ohio.}

Fall Fun

Rain, rain, go away, Come again another day. Rain, rain, go away, Little Alex wants to play. Well, what do ya know? It worked! :D We had rain every day this past week except Thursday. Alex had just started to feel better from being sick and since it was a gorgeous day (not a cloud […]

Picking Blueberries

It has been a while since Keith and I last watched a good movie…one where neither of us would fall asleep on the couch halfway through. :D Since we don’t ever keep up with new movie releases, picking a good show is always a toss-up. However, I think we may have hit a jackpot last night with the movie “Real Steel.” Both of us thought it was one […]

Pick-Your-Own Apples

Last Friday, Alex and I went to the local orchard and picked some apples. There weren’t too many varieties available yet since it’s still fairly early in the season, but we got what we needed to make Apple Crisp (check out my post Ready, Set, Blog!). I’m sure we’ll be back there soon for another […]

Alex at an Apple Orchard

We took Alex to an apple orchard this fall to pick apples and I wanted to take a few pictures of him with the apples. However, he did not want to have his picture taken at all that day and did whatever he could to prevent it. He kept turning away from me, or hiding […]