Fall Fun

Rain, rain, go away,
Come again another day.
Rain, rain, go away,
Little Alex wants to play.

Well, what do ya know? It worked! :D We had rain every day this past week except Thursday. Alex had just started to feel better from being sick and since it was a gorgeous day (not a cloud in the sky), I took him to the Patterson Farm Fun Fest. He met up with his friend, G and had a blast. Of course, he started to get sick again that night with chills, congestion, and cough. :( In fact, he has been coughing non-stop for three days now. Hope he feels better tomorrow. Since the weather turned cooler, it has been rough for Alex. I think in the past three weeks, he has been sick four different times with a couple days of break in between. Hmmm….this does not bode well for the coming winter months.

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6 Replies to “Fall Fun”

  1. Such beautiful pictures!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! :D Miss you guys…gotta catch up one of these days!

  2. Awww…so sorry to hear about Alex. We’ve had the same problem since Mattie started school. She hasn’t stopped being sick, seems like every time she gets better, she picks up a new bug, and then passes it on to either Steve or me. I’ve had the most awful cold and sore throat for the past two weeks. I am NOT looking forward to winter’s cold and flu season. :( Would love to chat with you on the phone – miss talking to you lots – but I have no voice. Would love to come visit and catch up – Mattie’s having a hard time with school and we all feel like we could use a break. I hope you and Keith are managing to stay well. Hope you feel better soon, Alex! Lots of hugs from all of us over here.

    1. So sorry to hear about Mattie being sick and having a hard time with school and you being sick as well. :( I’ve been getting sick along with Alex quite a bit but not as bad as him (most times…thank goodness!). Have you guys gotten your flu shots yet? Keith and I got ours…Alex will getting his this Thursday hopefully (as long as he doesn’t have any fever). Hope you guys will feel better soon. Will try to catch up with you sometime…hugs from all of us here too. Love, Chris.

  3. What lovely pictures, Chris. The flowers!
    Sorry to hear about Alex being sick (again). Hope he gets better soon!

    1. Thanks, Isadora. The cough is lingering on FOREVER! I hope he gets better soon too. Have a great weekend! :D

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