Beautiful Orchids

So, last Saturday, I told Keith that I think he needs to surprise me with something when he runs his errands today. 😂 He declared that he always keeps his eyes open for things for me but they never meet my criteria, hahaha because my criteria are they have to be inexpensive (because I don’t like spending money on me and I don’t like him spending money on me, lol) and I have to like them. 😂 But look what he came back with – a gorgeous petite orchid! Immediately after I proclaimed how beautiful it is, I asked him where he got it and he said, “Heinen’s” and I responded with much dismay “Oh no, you must have paid 30 bucks for it” hahaha and he said “No, it was just $9.99.” Lol, see how strict my criteria are. My poor hub – so hard to please me, even when he wants/tries to but he did real good here. ❤️

Here’s the rest of the blooming gang:

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2 Replies to “Beautiful Orchids”

  1. Absolutely beautiful!!!!! All your orchids are in full bloom. Thanks for the lift in spirits.

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