Our Christmas

We had a busy time prepping for Christmas this year (or should I say last year), which should be pretty evident from the obvious lack of blogging between Thanksgiving and now. :D My sis and her family celebrated Christmas with us and so did my in-laws (Keith’s parents). We had an awesome time, albeit exhausting for everyone I’m sure […]

Christmas Dinner

This year, we had a wonderful time with close friends on Christmas. To cut back on time spent in the kitchen on Christmas Day itself, we decided to go with ham as our main course. Since it was already pre-cooked, we didn’t have to slave hours upon hours to prepare something special. :-D For the […]

Christmas Cookies

Here are a few simple but oh so delicious cookies that we made over the holidays. :-D Marble Brysselkex (aka sablés) – essentially a type of butter cookie…crisp and tender, with a crumbly texture. This version combines the best of both worlds – vanilla and chocolate! The recipe can be found in The Professional Pastry […]

Christmas Greetings 2010

Hello Everyone! Warmest greetings from Ohio. We hope this holiday season finds everyone well. Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Where has the year gone? Here’s a brief recap of our year – Keith continues to be employed despite the sluggish economy, for which we are extremely thankful. With his current contract ending in […]

Christmas Greetings 2009

Hello Everyone! Warmest greetings from Ohio. We hope this holiday season finds everyone well. A quick recap of major happenings in our lives – earlier this year, we joined millions of Americans whose lives were and continue to be greatly affected by the economy. It took Keith a few months to find new opportunities after […]

Golden Fruitcake

When I was growing up, my mom used to make fruitcake (among other yummy goodies) every Chinese New Year. I wasn’t too fond of it then, but now I find myself yearning for a taste of fruitcake at least once a year. This year for Christmas, I tried a recipe from the King Arthur Flour […]

Pictures from Christmas

Hello everyone! Below are a few pictures from Christmas. Most of them are of Alex opening his presents. When Alex was younger, up to when he was three and a half, he did not like opening presents at all and would in fact refuse to open them. Now, his eyes light up with excitement when […]

Christmas Greetings

Hello Everyone! Warmest greetings from Ohio. This year, instead of regular mail, we decided to send our Christmas wishes through our blog. A quick wrap-up of the year – Alex is now five and a half years old. We are homeschooling him for kindergarten this year. Over this past year, Alex has progressed tremendously with […]