Our Christmas

We had a busy time prepping for Christmas this year (or should I say last year), which should be pretty evident from the obvious lack of blogging between Thanksgiving and now. :D My sis and her family celebrated Christmas with us and so did my in-laws (Keith’s parents). We had an awesome time, albeit exhausting for everyone I’m sure (since they had to all drive in from out of state/country and braved our wintry weather). Thanks again, guys! :D

Can you believe that our local farms ran out of Christmas trees to cut this year (I mean last year…the brain hasn’t caught up yet)? We were totally surprised. We ended up getting one of the pre-cut trees that were “imported” from Pennsylvania, which we were a little concerned that it wouldn’t last as long since we didn’t know when the tree was actually cut. Well, we are super-glad to say that the tree is still going on strong, and that we are still enjoying its Christmas presence. :D Can I still wish a belated Merry Christmas to all of you that we miss?

Merry Christmas!

Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Hosanna in the highest.

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

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4 Replies to “Our Christmas”

  1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, everyone! Haven’t seen Ruby in such a long time!

    1. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you and yours too. Aunty Lucy said the same thing. I’ll remember to mention to che-che that she has to post more pics of herself. :D

  2. I realised it’s been a while since I left a comment on your blog. My best wishes for 2013!

    Chris, your Christmas tree looked FANTASTIC. I mean, the tree was cut in such nice proportion. We had our first tall Christmas tree last year (meaning last mth). We were debating to buy either a real tree or a fake one. I love the smell of real Christmas trees. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find one that we wanted. They were either too short or too bald, so we ended up buying a fake one
    :-( We will live with this tree for the rest of our lives…. ha ha ha!

    1. Hi Isadora!

      Good to see you! We have a giant fake tree that we bought years ago sitting in our attic (it didn’t look so big in the store until we brought it home). But we (especially Alex) love the experience of cutting our own tree, which is why we’ve been getting real trees for the past few years. :D

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