Christmas Tree and Lights

Went to get our Christmas tree on Friday (that’s Keith searching for one). The tree always looks so small outdoor but in actuality, it’s a pretty tight fit in the space we plan for it…..every single time! 😂 That evening, we put up our fancy Christmas wreath (that we got on clearance last Christmas, lol) […]

Merry Christmas

“The things that matter most of all are often close at hand – A touch, a hug, a gentle look that says, “I understand.” The smile that inspires us, the words that let us know The way our hearts are leading is the way that we should go – These right-before-us, simple things may seem […]

Merry Christmas

I would like to share the words from a card we received from my in-laws back at Thanksgiving which I thought was simply poignant and appropriate for any season, regardless if your loved ones are near or far. “The things that matter most of all are often close at hand – A touch, a hug, […]

Edible Runner

Okay, here’s the bad news – there are no pictures from our Christmas dinner this year. We were too busy diving in, enjoying our food and each other’s company. The good news is that everything turned out absolutely delicious. The turkey was perfect once again (you can check out the previously posted recipe and photos here). For the sides, instead of the traditional […]

Christmas Cards

Every Christmas, I’ll have Alex make a few cards for those special people in his life. Although he grumbles and complains about the actual work, I know that ultimately, it gives him immense satisfaction to know that he makes the recipients extremely happy. I purchase blank cards from art supply or craft stores (5″x7″ is a good size) and […]

Reindeer Noses

Here I was, scrambling the evening before the last day of our homeschooling group (we break for the holidays), wondering what simple treats we can make for the kiddos in Alex’s class. In came Google to save the day. :D We found these too adorable for words Reindeer Noses treats…no baking involved…whew! Made a quick trip to a couple of stores to get the […]

Santa’s Key

There is actually a story behind this key. This Christmas, we decided to let Alex pick out an ornament to add to our Christmas tree. We took him to a local garden center which is transformed into a winter wonderland store every Christmas. Of the many, many, many decorations there, he decided on this Santa’s […]


For the past several years, I have been dressing our Christmas tree essentially the same way. Commenting on that fact to a co-worker who is also a very dear friend of mine, she responded, “Chris, that is what tradition is all about. ” And here I thought I was just being cheap. :D I mean all […]