Brecksville Reservation

We just had our first snow two days ago – Alex was extremely excited and immediately asked to go outside to “shovel” (i.e. scoop snow up with the shovel and dump it wherever he likes). :-D We even managed to build a small snowman (which looks a little creepy IMO) yesterday before the snow melted. After last week’s dreary weather, this week is indeed a welcome change – it’ll be our first “Indian Summer” for the season and we’re really looking forward to it. The weather is supposed to be sunny all week long with temperatures averaging 60. It’s almost a cause for celebration, if not for all the leaves on the ground that still have to be raked/mowed. :-) Anyway, we still have a few more hiking pictures from last month that we would like to share. We went hiking in Brecksville Reservation, as we did last Fall. However, as opposed to last year where there were barely any leaves left on the trees, we were extremely lucky to see some gorgeous Fall colors this year. Enjoy!

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2 Replies to “Brecksville Reservation”

  1. Hey still look the great as ever and your boy is so cute! Good to see you here! Not much of your pics though!~ Amelia Tay

  2. Amelia,So good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by! I'm usually behind the camera, which is my preferred spot. :-D Catch up with you on FB!

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