Headlands Beach State Park

These photos were taken during Alex’s spring break – it was another beautiful day! Of course, we had to drag Alex out of the house again, lol…..this time, to the beach where he and Keith spent most of the time skipping rocks. ❤️

Liberty Park

Here’s a belated post – it was an absolutely beautiful day on Easter and it felt like all of Northeast Ohioans were out. For us, we dragged Alex out and hiked the Ledges Trail at Liberty Park in Summit County. After we were done, he mentioned that he enjoyed the hike after all. 😁

Penitentiary Glen Reservation

The closest I have ever been to a bald eagle – what a majestic creature! This guy was injured when he was a juvenile and even after his wing recovered, he could no longer fly. He made some high-pitch sound after noticing a couple of turkey vultures flying free around the area…..I feel so sad […]

A Walk in the Park

It has been a while again since we went out to any park – our teenager is like a hibernating bear all year long, lol. Finally managed to get him to join us for a quick walk at a local favorite…..as expected, it was busy (it was 50 and sunny) but we wore our masks […]