A Walk in the Park

It has been a while again since we went out to any park – our teenager is like a hibernating bear all year long, lol. Finally managed to get him to join us for a quick walk at a local favorite…..as expected, it was busy (it was 50 and sunny) but we wore our masks […]

Wildwood Park

Yesterday morning, we were in the area and took the opportunity to stop at Wildwood Park, which is located next to Lake Erie. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I could definitely live right by the beach! ❤️

Summer Evening

We spent a gorgeous evening at one of our favorite parks earlier this week. It feels like precious moments such as these are harder to come by nowadays (we are either too busy or too tired), which makes us treasure these times even more.

A Fall Morning at the Park

We have been plagued with so much rain this fall. Fortunately, we managed to catch a little break last Sunday morning – it was warm and sunny (and windy too!). Although we had chores galore, we decided to put them off until the afternoon so we could check out the gorgeous fall colors at our local park. […]


Here’s a quick and simple art project that Alex did recently – he drew a picture of a heron (instructions are in the Big Backyard magazine, issue June/July 2012) on a pre-made card, and colored it with markers. This special card went to Grammy and Grandpa. :D And here’s a picture I took a while […]

Brecksville Reservation

We just had our first snow two days ago – Alex was extremely excited and immediately asked to go outside to “shovel” (i.e. scoop snow up with the shovel and dump it wherever he likes). :-D We even managed to build a small snowman (which looks a little creepy IMO) yesterday before the snow melted. […]

Brecksville Reservation

Today’s weather was absolutely gorgeous! Sunny, blue skies with a high of 65 (F) – I live for days like this. Needless to say, we took full advantage of the beautiful day and spent it outside exploring Mother Nature. :) We set out to new territory today – we went hiking in Brecksville Reservation, a […]

Spending the Morning in the Park

These pictures were taken sometime late April at one of our favorite parks. I remember it was a beautiful, cool, sunny morning. The trees were not providing much shade yet as the leaves were still fairly small but that was fine by us…all the better to soak up the warm, spring sun. :)

My Favorite Time of the Year

Hello everyone! We hope everything is well with all of you. It has been beautiful here for a couple of days now. The air is still mildly cool, with sunny blue skies – the perfect spring weather. Keith, Alex, and I have been spending every opportunity we have outside, and we have loved every moment […]