West Side Market in Cleveland

Yesterday, we decided to make a quick trip to the West Side Market in Cleveland (okay, Keith and I decided and Alex had no say but to tag along…sure is hard being a kid :D). Although WSM is supposedly a great foodie destination in Cleveland (and considering we live just 45 minutes away), we hardly ever visit it. That place is always super-crowded on Saturday (the only time we can go), and the parking is atrocious. However, yesterday, we decided to brave the crowd anyway. Since we had Alex with us, I decided to make a list of vendors (including their stand numbers) I wanted to check out, so that we wouldn’t be wandering aimlessly in the crowded maze. That actually worked out really well for us…I did get sidetracked a few times but mostly, we stuck to our list (I know at least Alex was extremely thankful for that :D).

The first on my list was Irene Dever – I wanted to buy duck eggs but unfortunately, there weren’t any. Apparently, it’s still too cold and the ducks are not laying any eggs. I was asked to check back in a month’s time. Bummer! Other vendors on our list were Maha’s Falafil (we tried their Philly Cheesesteak and meat pie), Pierogi Palace (for some reason, it was closed), and Ohio City Pasta (we purchased their Garlic & Chive Fettuccini, as well as Mushroom and Fontina Ravioli). We also wanted to try Crepes De Luxe and Steve’s Gyros but both vendors had a line that seemed like a mile long. Well, we decided there wouldn’t be any crepes or gyros for us (Alex was relieved). In between, we got sidetracked by Vera’s bakery (bought two slices of Key Lime Cheesecake and a Napoleon) and some produce stands. I didn’t get to check out a couple of the meat vendors like I had wanted to…maybe next time. All in all, it was a pretty good trip, not entirely successful but it was something fun, interesting, and different for us. And the most important thing for Alex was that it wasn’t dragged out…a list is definitely a good thing! :D

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2 Replies to “West Side Market in Cleveland”

  1. Nice! That place seems like just a mass of chaos when I’ve been there, but your pictures make it seem tidy and beautiful.

    1. It was pretty chaotic…I just didn’t take pictures of the people :D (although it wasn’t too crazy in the produce section surprisingly).

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