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I have a serious addiction…to cookbooks! In addition to contemporary cookbooks, I started collecting vintage cookbooks a couple of years ago and I apparently can’t stop. :) I think if I don’t purchase another cookbook ever, I’ll still have enough to last me a lifetime. Do I need help yet? At least I don’t spend a lot on these vintage cookbooks. The average price I pay per book is $2, which is a deal, right? The problem I have is that I’m running out of room. So I tell myself not to add any more cookbooks to my collection. That’s it, Chris! No more cookbooks! Well, guess what I walked out with two days ago when I checked out a local resale store? Two more cookbooks! It was buy one get one free – I paid $1 for two vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. Like I said, a serious addiction!!! :)

One of my current favorite vintage cookbooks is “The American Woman’s Cook Book.” It’s in pretty bad shape but it’s a treasure trove of recipes. My awesome boss and friend, Cindy (knowing that I love vintage cookbooks), rescued it from the free pile basket two book sales ago at the library. It cost nothing – you can’t beat that! I have to admit though that I was a little grossed out by the condition of the book initially but I’ve since gotten over my aversion. :) Thank you so much once again, Cindy!



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  1. I’ve actually tried a couple of the recipes from this particular cookbook and they turned out fantastic! Will be posting a pancake recipe from the book in a day or two. :)

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