Our Easter Meal

Last week was a whirlwind…my sis, brother-in-law, and niece came for a visit and time just flew by. We had a wonderful time and not surprisingly, the food tasted even better with great company. Here’s what we had for our Easter meal – ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed peas, and homemade bread. :D

Right out of the oven – the ham was seriously the best we have ever tasted…will definitely not hesitate to purchase it again
We bought the ham from Costco – this was what the ham looked like in its packaging
The label (in case you’re interested in knowing the name)
Bought the scalloped potatoes from Costco as well – they were deliciously creamy and cheesy :D
What the packaging looks like
Homemade bread – smelled and tasted absolutely heavenly. The recipe can be found in this blog under the name “Cranberry Wheat Bread”
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4 Replies to “Our Easter Meal”

  1. Happy Easter to you & your family, Christine…& also to Ruby & her family :o)

    1. Thanks, June. Same to you and your family. Hope you guys had a wonderful Easter. :D

  2. Seriously, Chris, I’m gobsmacked!! And I could imagine your kitchen smelled heavenly! No eggs? :-D

    1. We had plenty of eggs days before to go with our Chicken Mushroom Soup and Mee Suah and Chicken Fried Rice. :D Although not surprsing (because we all love eggs), I still can’t believe the number of eggs we went through. For Easter, we had plenty of chocolate eggs that Easter Bunny had brought for the kiddos’ egg/scavenger hunt. :D

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