Happy Easter!

What a gorgeous day! Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating. Here’s one extremely belated post – on the day (back in late February) when Keith bought me the miniature orchid, he bought hydroponic tulips as well, knowing that my favorite spring flowers are tulips. It was a little underwhelming at first, hahaha because they […]

Our Easter Dinner

In the evening – it was grilling time! We wonder why we don’t do this often. :) Note: Recipe for grilled pork can be found in a previously published post – Macaroni Salad and Grilled Soy Sauce Pork. For a bolder flavor, I divided 5 pounds of pork tenderloin into two bags and marinated each bag of meat with the […]

Our Easter Meal

Last week was a whirlwind…my sis, brother-in-law, and niece came for a visit and time just flew by. We had a wonderful time and not surprisingly, the food tasted even better with great company. Here’s what we had for our Easter meal – ham, scalloped potatoes, steamed peas, and homemade bread. :D