Maggi Mee Asam Laksa

What we had for dinner tonight! :D

Since we’ve finished all our leftovers, Keith and I decided it’s time to start in on our Maggi stash that my sis brought for us all the way from Toronto. :D Now, there is this funny thing that happens to me almost every time I think of Maggi – the old commercial jingle would start to dance in my head, “Maggi Mee, Cepat Dimasak Sedap Dimakan”… “Maggi Mee, Cepat Dimasak Sedap Dimakan”… you get the drift. LOL (Here’s the English version – “Maggi Mee, Fast to Cook, Good to Eat”) Does that happen to anyone else? And no, I’m not going crazy. The chanting in my head does go away after I finish eating my meal. :D

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6 Replies to “Maggi Mee Asam Laksa”

  1. I love the maggi asam laksa, too! now there are so many types of instant noodles & currently alot of people like ‘mi sedap’ brand…lots of families buy them in boxes from the supermarket

    1. I can believe it…I see the selection we have in the Asian store here and they are mind-boggling, and I’m sure that’s just a tiny fraction of what’s available back home. Mi Sedap? The names they come up with but apparently it works. :D

  2. LOL! Very funny, Chris. Yes, who cannot forget that jingle? It has become Maggi’s signature tune. Ha ha ha!

    BTW, you can get Maggi brand noodles in your Asian stores in the US? I can’t find any Maggi mee here, but there’re lots of other Indonesian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and the Phil brands, no Maggi mee. I love the Asam laksa flavour as what you have posted here, but surprisingly Maggi’s curry flavour is far better than the curry flavours we get from other brands. So there, “Cepat di masak, sedap di makan”. Feeling nostalgic already… :-D

    1. I can’t find Maggi in my local store as well but I know (from a friend of mine who live in another state) that her local store does carry them or used to anyway. My sis can find Maggi on and off where she lives. In the past couple of years, I have ordered Maggi online from (wonder if they ship overseas), if they have any in stock. I love the curry flavor too. :D

  3. Can you ask your sis where she buys the maggi asam laksa from?

  4. You have exquisite taste

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