Homemade Char Siu and Kolo Mee

For dinner yesterday, I made a simplified version of char siu (Chinese barbecued pork) and kolo mee, a simple dish of noodles tossed in a mixture of light, flavorful seasonings. Too delicious to stop eating! Enjoy! Make the barbecued pork: 1/2 cup light soy sauce 1/2 cup honey 2 tablespoons cream sherry Approx 2 to […]

Simple Stir-Fried Noodles (Kway Teow)

How I miss the days when I can just walk to a nearby coffee shop and order a plate (or two) of noodles. Now, I have to exert some effort to satisfy a craving, lol. While this is not hawker stall quality, it is still good enough to appease. Enjoy! 1 pound dried flat rice […]

Stir-Fried Tom Yum Noodles

Just something I had a hankering for this afternoon – simple and oh so delicious! 1 (6.75 ounces) package rice noodles/rice sticks/bee hoon/maifun* 2 tablespoons oil (I use extra light olive oil) About 1 pound shrimp 1 English cucumber, seeds removed and sliced thin** 4 tablespoons tom yum paste*** 2 tablespoons fish sauce *The only […]

Stir-Fried Laksa Noodles

Unlike the traditional version of laksa that I grew up with, where the noodles are served in a mouthwatering savory, piquant laksa broth, this drier version is equally as delicious. It’s laksa! You can’t go wrong either way. Enjoy! 1 (6.75 ounces) package rice noodles/rice sticks/bee hoon/maifun* 1/2 tablespoon oil 4 large eggs, beaten 1 […]

Malaysian Laksa

We celebrated Alex’s 12th birthday recently. 12!!! Sob! Where did my baby go? He has grown into a young man, apparently. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but Alex is on the Autism spectrum and it has been a long road to help get him to where he is right now.  He has […]

Stir-Fried Noodles with Shrimp

Looks like it has been a while again since the last time I checked in. Too many things are going on in our lives right now – worrisome things, depressing things, but thank goodness some happy things as well. I guess that’s just life – you take the bad with the good and somehow, things […]

Maggi Mee Asam Laksa

Since we’ve finished all our leftovers, Keith and I decided it’s time to start in on our Maggi stash that my sis brought for us all the way from Toronto. :D Now, there is this funny thing that happens to me almost every time I think of Maggi – the old commercial jingle would start to dance […]

Maggi Mee

I love Maggi Mee! For the non-Malaysians, you’re probably wondering, “What in the world is Maggi Mee?” Why, it’s only the most delicious instant noodle in the WHOLE universe :) (Maggi is the brand and Mee means noodle). Alright, I admit that’s a huge exaggeration, having never tried more than a handful of other instant […]

Fried Bee Hoon with SPAM

Whew, it’s been forever since I last posted something. I thought I would have more time in the summer to blog since school was out but it didn’t turn out that way. We were all too busy cramming as much “outside” time as possible into our long summer days. :) This summer has been unusually […]