Easy Chinese Shrimp Stir Fry

Some days, it is soooooooo hard to figure out what to have for dinner – I generally prefer to eat home-cooked food but after a full day at work, I am not too keen in spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Thankfully, tonight I am craving a dish that reminds me of home but yet simple enough to quickly throw together. When I was growing up, this recipe was typically used to stir-fry fresh crabs. Well, although I love crabs, fresh crabs are difficult to come by here and they are also extremely tedious to eat (in my opinion). Hence, I substitute them with shrimp! Simple and quick to make, still delicious, and reminds me of home! What more can I ask for?

2 tablespoons oil (I use vegetable or extra light olive oil)
A few slices of thinly sliced ginger
2 pounds shrimp (I use frozen tail-on shrimp from Costco – they defrost fairly quickly under running water)
3 tablespoons light soy sauce
4 large eggs

Heat oil in large pan over medium-high heat. Add ginger and cook until golden brown. Add shrimp, turn heat up to high and stir-fry, adding light soy sauce in the process. When shrimp is cooked through, lower heat to medium-low, crack the eggs into the pan, and continue to stir-fry for a few more seconds until the eggs are cooked. Dish out and serve with rice.

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