Close Call

A huge hole at the end of our driveway

Last night, we had a severe thunderstorm that came through for a good hour and a half and it was so bad that we thought our house was actually going to get flooded this time. As it was dark, we couldn’t see most of what was happening (which was another scary part) but through the frequent flashes of lightning, we could see that towards the end of the storm, essentially three-fourths of our front yard was immersed in water (because the storm drain couldn’t handle the huge amount of water all at once – water from neighboring communities all drains to the ditch right next to our house). We could also see the water slowly or not that slowly creeping towards our front door.  I was a nervous wreck last night and I prayed really hard! Thank the Lord that the storm slowed down when it did! If it had gone on for another half hour, we would have had a different story to tell. As it is, we found out this morning that part of the end of our driveway was washed away and the stones along the side of the street all washed onto the grass right in front of our yard. A lot of the mulch in our garden beds was washed away too. In our perspective, all these are nothing compared to what could have happened. A bit of clean-up to do in the front yard but we are safe and our house is safe. Amen.

All the gravel along the side of the street washed onto our yard
The flood water also washed away the mulch in our flower beds
Look at all the debris that the water brought to our garden
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4 Replies to “Close Call”

  1. That was a crazy storm! We have to get someone in here to re-grade our backyard, because we were close to be flooded also. Thanks to God for keeping us all dry!

    1. Am glad to hear you guys managed to stay dry as well. Thank God indeed!

  2. Amen! What an experience! Glad alls well that ends well :-) It’ll be spring soon and hope most of your flowers will be budding.

    1. I hope so too. Most of the bulbs appeared to have doubled in size after the storm the other night. :D

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