So, we had our first major snowstorm and this was the situation we woke up to – one of the birch trees on the side of our house was and is still hanging precariously over the power line. Then, we lost our power in the afternoon but thankfully, we have a generator! We would likely […]

Our First Snowstorm

Snowstorm in October? It’s actually not unusual or unexpected in Northeast Ohio but boy, was it a pain when we had one last week! Our backyard looked like a disaster zone with broken tree limbs everywhere – I think we must have had at least 20 decent-size branches down, with several of them on our roof. And of course, […]

Close Call

Last night, we had a severe thunderstorm that came through for a good hour and a half and it was so bad that we thought our house was actually going to get flooded this time. As it was dark, we couldn’t see most of what was happening (which was another scary part) but through the frequent […]

Crazy Winter Weather

We are currently having blizzard-like condition which is expected to last throughout the weekend before it warms up again next week (although the last time I checked, that might not happen as previously forecasted). Despite the crazy and unpredictable weather (and the fact that it’s probably causing havoc on the growth of early blooming plants and […]

First Real Snow of the Season

With the weird Winter weather so far, we haven’t had much snow accumulation until early January. Alex had fun shoveling and going just plain crazy in the snow. :-D