Geauga County Maple Festival

Submitted my final paper yesterday, yay! The following photos were actually taken the prior week when I should have been working on my last paper but my brain was not cooperating! So I took a short break and we went to the maple festival! Of course, the first place we headed for is the tent area for the amazing and oh so delicious apple fritters! For all my local friends, next time you are at the maple festival, do not leave until you try the apple fritters! We also bought a bag of maple cotton candy which I did not taste until we got home. In hindsight, that turned out to be a good move after all because had I eaten it at the festival, I would have wanted to buy the rest of their stock, lol, and I generally don’t like sweets! We checked out a couple of antique stores, walked around the square a little bit, the sun finally came out after days of rain, people all around us were in good spirits… is good.

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