Christmas Cookies

Here are a few simple but oh so delicious cookies that we made over the holidays. :-D

Marble Brysselkex (aka sablés) – essentially a type of butter cookie…crisp and tender, with a crumbly texture. This version combines the best of both worlds – vanilla and chocolate! The recipe can be found in The Professional Pastry Chef, 3rd edition by Bo Friberg.

This is a Martha Stewart recipe – after making the cranberry-pistachio version last Christmas, I decided to try a different combination this year. The chocolate chip and walnut was a huge hit with kids!

Walnut Bars – beats any butter cookies you can buy…they are simply additive! I gladly swallowed uncountable numbers of Lactaid pills just so I could have a few mouthfuls of these…how I miss butter!!! This recipe can also be found in The Professional Pastry Chef, 3rd edition.
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