Our Thanksgiving Dinner

We wanted a quick, no-fuss thanksgiving meal as we would rather spend time with each other than slave around the kitchen for hours. This meal was put together in three hours, which included broiled turkey wings, cranberry sauce, skillet-braised green beans, mashed potatoes, all-purpose gravy, and Pillsbury Grands frozen buttermilk biscuits (not in the pictures). Everything was delicious! And the clean-up took less than half an hour. Note: All the recipes were from The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, with the exception of the turkey wings (which were simply seasoned with salt and pepper, and broiled). The turkey wings were still a little too tough on the outside, so we would probably cook them differently next time instead of just using the broiler. Nevertheless, they were still delicious. We actually thought of roasting turkey breast but didn’t get out to the store until Thanksgiving morning itself, and guess which turkey parts were the only ones left? Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris and Family

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