Happy New Year!

What did you guys do? We didn’t do anything special to start our year. Keith spent five hours i.e. the whole afternoon :-P installing our brand new dishwasher…the dishwasher that we bought online from Lowe’s before Thanksgiving, only to find out that the local store didn’t have it in stock (contrary to the info given on its website). Long story short, we didn’t get our dishwasher until Dec. 26…that’s right, folks although we’ve been paying for the dishwasher since the day we bought it. However, in light of the new year, let’s not quibble about that month’s worth of accrued interest.  Whoa…where did that sarcasm come from? For my first New Year’s resolution, I vow to be less sarcastic…no, I mean to lose weight…less sarcastic…lose weight…less sarcastic… :-D

Below are some pics from 2011 – enjoy! (Sorry, but it looks like there might be a problem accessing the flickr slideshow right in the blog at the moment. If you can’t see it, click here to see it directly on the Flickr site.)

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7 Replies to “Happy New Year!”

  1. That slideshow was so much fun! Your Christmas tree was a work of art.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! Those pine needles were really sharp. I had to wear a long-sleeved shirt AND gloves to decorate it. :-D Talk to you soon.

  2. Happy New Year to you & your family, Christine. You really took a long break from blogging last year & I really missed it. Met up with your mum when she came to Sibu to attend Uncle Danny’s 2nd son wedding. Hope you & your family are well. Any thoughts about coming back to Sarawak for a holiday?

    1. Good to “see” you June. Have been thinking lots of going back for a holiday…one of these years, it’s going to happen. How about you guys? Bring the kids over for a visit. :-D Seriously, let us know if you ever head this way. It’ll be great to see you all. Say hi to your mom for me.

  3. Chris, Happy New Year 2012 to you and your family. Hope you will have more update this year, ^_^

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sonia. I hope to have more updates this year too. :-D

  4. thanks for your precious comment :) and happy 2012 to you and family with love from ohfishiee.

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