Christmas Dinner

This year, we had a wonderful time with close friends on Christmas. To cut back on time spent in the kitchen on Christmas Day itself, we decided to go with ham as our main course. Since it was already pre-cooked, we didn’t have to slave hours upon hours to prepare something special. :-D For the […]

Thanksgiving Meal

It still hasn’t quite set in that Thanksgiving has come and gone but I know we had our Thanksgiving meal. In fact, the leftovers are all gone!!! :-D I had initially planned on making roast duck for Thanksgiving dinner. I even bought the duck a couple of weeks ahead but wouldn’t you know it, I […]

Food Pictures from Visiting Family in Toronto

We went to Toronto to visit my sister and her family almost a couple of months ago now. My mom was there, visiting as well (all the way from Malaysia) – so we had a nice little reunion. We were in Toronto for only a couple of days and the main activity (it felt like) […]

Our Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

When I was growing up, Chinese New Year (CNY) Eve dinner was always an elaborate affair – whether it was a reunion dinner at my grandparents’ home with all my aunts, uncles, and cousins or just a dinner within my own family – there was always a wide selection of dishes in large quantities. So […]

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

We wanted a quick, no-fuss thanksgiving meal as we would rather spend time with each other than slave around the kitchen for hours. This meal was put together in three hours, which included broiled turkey wings, cranberry sauce, skillet-braised green beans, mashed potatoes, all-purpose gravy, and Pillsbury Grands frozen buttermilk biscuits (not in the pictures). Everything […]