In Loving Memory of Cyber

Two weeks ago, we said goodbye to our almost 15-year old pup. It was with an extremely heavy heart that we made that decision. He had not been feeling well or happy for a long time. Strangely, a couple of days before the actual day, I dreamt of Max – she was laying next to […]

Depressed Puppy

Although Cyber is thirteen and a half years old, he’ll always be our “puppy.” He’s the youngest of our three dogs and had never been without another dog his entire life until the day we had to let Darwin go. Since then, he has turned into a depressed and highly anxious pup. He paces around […]

In Loving Memory of Darwin

Last Friday, we made one of the hardest decisions in our lives – putting down our 15-year-old dog, Darwin. We hope that he is no longer in pain and is happily reunited and playing with his sister, Max at Rainbow Bridge. Our youngest and only dog, Cyber has been “crying” for the past five days […]


Early this morning, we were awakened by Darwin barking at the other end of our house. Our immediate thought was that maybe he got stuck behind one of our sofas and was barking to get our attention. Instead, Keith found him in our family room, barking at the wall. For some reason, that action distresses me more […]

My Favorite Time of the Year

Hello everyone! We hope everything is well with all of you. It has been beautiful here for a couple of days now. The air is still mildly cool, with sunny blue skies – the perfect spring weather. Keith, Alex, and I have been spending every opportunity we have outside, and we have loved every moment […]