Lego Poem

Came across a poem that Alex wrote last year (I think) with a little help from me and if I remember correctly, it was his first attempt in constructing a poem. Here it is: I Love Lego Lego comes in lots of sizes, shapes, and colors. Lego feels hard, smooth, and bumpy. Lego costs lots of […]

Lego Maersk

Can’t believe it has been only three years since Alex first got hooked on Lego. Since then, his Lego collection has grown considerably, mainly with the Lego Creator line (which we feel you get the most bang for the buck with its 3-in-1 feature). For Christmas, he received a couple more to add to his collection. Here’s […]

Lego Creator – Cargo Copter

The Cargo Copter is a recent addition to Alex’s Lego Creator collection. All of us thought that this toy is absolutely cool. The helicopter has rotors that really spin as well as a Power Functions winch, which at a push of a button will raise the cargo platform! I can’t believe how far Lego has […]

Lego Creator

Ever since Alex got his Lego Creator – Mini Vehicles last Christmas, he is hooked on Lego. We love the Lego Creator series because of its 3-in-1 building feature, meaning three different sets of instructions are included in each product so you can build three different items. Wow! It’s like getting three boxes of Lego […]

Alex and his Lego Vehicles

Below are pictures of Alex putting together a Lego mini truck. After having done it a few times before with Keith’s help, he can do it by himself now by looking at the step-by-step picture instructions. We love this toy!