Nian Gao (Chinese New Year Cake)

Took down our Christmas decorations yesterday before the snow came and hung up a couple of lanterns outside (Keith did all that in the freezing cold just for me ❤️). I also took the opportunity to make some nian gao for the fast-approaching Chinese New Year. They are simple to put together but can be […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing family and friends a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! May the Year of the Ox bring you happiness, luck, and good fortune. Love, Chris, Keith, and Alex

Chinese New Year Decorations

When I was young, I used to think Chinese New Year decorations were so gaudy (I guess I still do but to a lesser degree), lol! But look at me now – we just replaced the Christmas wreath on our front door with this last weekend and I’m hoping to get some lanterns up soon. […]

Frying Keropok

Keropok + Acar = Happiness! How can I not fry up some? But honestly, like I need an excuse to fry something, lol. In this case, there’s just something satisfying about watching the pieces expand to delicious crispiness! ❤️

Making Acar Timun

Yes, I admit that I am a glutton for punishment. After making what seemed like gazillion cashew cookies (sold some of them), I proceeded to make an impromptu decision yesterday to make acar timun, a Malaysian-style spicy pickled cucumber Chinese New Year treat. Typically, we eat this like a dip with keropok udang (shrimp crackers). […]

Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies

So, I conducted an experiment yesterday – I tested two different gluten-free flours and compared the results with cookies made from regular wheat flour and now, we are inundated with peanut cookies galore, lol. The first gluten-free flour I used was the Authentic Foods Multi-Blend Flour. I have had so much success with utilizing Authentic […]

Kuih Bangkit

Finally, I have success making my favorite Chinese New Year cookie! I wasn’t sure if I could have ever done it in my lifetime, lol – the recipe seems so simple but yet, extremely complicated at the same time. The list of ingredients is short but there are so many variables in the process and […]

Happy Chinese New Year

I reminded Alex that it’s Chinese New Year (CNY) tomorrow and he’s pretty excited because that means he’ll be getting an ang pau (a red envelope filled with money) from us. I asked him if he remembers what saying we can use to greet someone during CNY. He replied, “Happy New Year?” Lol. I responded […]