Dinosaurs at Work

This is just too fabulously cute and awesome to not share with the world. I have a super creative supervisor at work who (I don’t know how) easily comes up with fun and imaginative ideas like this (and more) all the time! This was put together at home and set up inside her work locker […]

Christmas Cards

Every Christmas, I’ll have Alex make a few cards for those special people in his life. Although he grumbles and complains about the actual work, I know that ultimately, it gives him immense satisfaction to know that he makes the recipients extremely happy. I purchase blank cards from art supply or craft stores (5″x7″ is a good size) and […]


We signed Alex up for art lessons this year. So far, he has had four classes and seemed to really enjoy them. Here’s a painting that he did last week, where he learned to use complimentary colors. Love it! Today, the kids actually worked with clay and Alex decided to make a treasure chest. Can’t […]


Here’s a quick and simple art project that Alex did recently – he drew a picture of a heron (instructions are in the Big Backyard magazine, issue June/July 2012) on a pre-made card, and colored it with markers. This special card went to Grammy and Grandpa. :D And here’s a picture I took a while […]

Hearts & Trees

Here’s an art project Alex did over Valentine’s which I think is lovely for any time of the year actually, especially if it’s meant for loved ones. This project can be found on one of my favorite online sites – Art Projects for Kids.

How to Draw a Rose

Can you believe Alex drew this rose all by himself? I drew the rose on a separate piece of paper (following the steps provided by Art Projects for Kids) and Alex watched and followed me. He then colored the rose with Sharpie markers and oil pastels. :D

Alex and His Easter Stickers

Alex received lots of cool Easter stickers from Grammy and Grandpa, and he decided to use them all in one go. He further decorated the paper by drawing lines around the stickers (as requested by Mommy). :)

Landscape Collage

This is yet another simple project from Art Projects for Kids blog. The only difficulty was trying to find yellowed paperbacks that we don’t want anymore. :)

Birch Trees

This project idea is from one of my favorite blogs – Art Projects for Kids. I think the most challenging part of the project for Alex was trying to tear each piece of the masking tape in half (the tape kept sticking onto itself). I ended up holding one end of the tape as he […]