Steamed Fish with Chinese Preserved Radish

Another style of steamed fish – this time with ginger, garlic, and salted, spicy, shredded radish (plus a few other ingredients). So yum! I had a second helping of rice! 4 frozen tilapia fillets, do not have to thaw 1/2 tablespoon oil A couple thin slices of ginger, julienned 1/2 (3.5 oz) package salted spicy […]

Steamed Fish

I truly eat with eyes first! After watching a video of a restaurant serving a giant steamed fish, I immediately felt the need to eat some, lol. It doesn’t have to be a humongous fish obviously… fact, I find fillets to be extremely convenient to steam. Yum! 4 frozen tilapia fillets, do not have to […]

Blackened Fish

So, a couple of days ago, I learned that the first day of Chinese New Year this year will fall on January 23rd. My first thought was “Oh, another year of not celebrating it with my family (back in Malaysia)” which immediately made me feel homesick. My next thought was “But I haven’t recovered from the […]

Simple Fried Fish

Here’s a really easy and delicious fish recipe that you can throw together within minutes for dinner on weekdays – the tilapia fillets are lightly coated with turmeric powder and pan-fried. Serve the fish with rice and a side dish of veggie…enjoy! Prepping the ingredients assembly-style Fry fish until cooked Serve with rice and Spinach […]