Kitchen Sink Cookies

So delicious that we even sneaked in a few cookies before dinner! Out of the blue, Alex announced on Thanksgiving morning that he wanted to help prepare the Thanksgiving meal. Oops! I didn’t even think of that possibility and basically prepped everything the night before, leaving only the actual cooking to be done for a […]

Thanksgiving Meal

It still hasn’t quite set in that Thanksgiving has come and gone but I know we had our Thanksgiving meal. In fact, the leftovers are all gone!!! :-D I had initially planned on making roast duck for Thanksgiving dinner. I even bought the duck a couple of weeks ahead but wouldn’t you know it, I […]

Chickpeas (Instead of Popcorn), Anyone?

A simple and delicious treat! It’s funny the things you can or cannot remember about your childhood. I can still recall a special outing to the cinema with my cousins and grandfather when I was really young. I don’t remember what we watched but I remember how excited I was about going to the movies. […]

Apple-Cranberry Pie

This is my fourth pie in eight years, my second in a week. The first 2 times were a flop…let’s not even go there. The last pie turned out pretty delicious actually but unfortunately, it wasn’t a pretty sight to behold after it was cut – the filling did not stay within the crust but […]

Chicken Pot Pie

I was flipping through my Southern Living cookbook when this recipe caught my eye – Chicken Pot Pie with a cheddar crust (not sure why I had never noticed it before…too many cookbooks :-D). The recipe seems fairly simple and I love that it uses cooked chicken, which not only reduces the total prep time […]

Brecksville Reservation

We just had our first snow two days ago – Alex was extremely excited and immediately asked to go outside to “shovel” (i.e. scoop snow up with the shovel and dump it wherever he likes). :-D We even managed to build a small snowman (which looks a little creepy IMO) yesterday before the snow melted. […]

The “Ghostie”

Well, Halloween came and went – Alex had fun trick or treating! Here’s a few photos that didn’t come out too blurry. :-) Got to bundle up – it’s really cold outside! Daddy’s putting on Alex’s costume. First stop – our wonderful friends across the street. “Ghostie” and “Transformer” “I’m a friendly ghost, Mommy.” :-) Coaxing […]

Last Year’s Halloween Photos

What?!! It’ll be Halloween already this Sunday. Where did the time go? Alex doesn’t even have his costume yet but the good thing is he wants to dress as a “ghost” this year. At least there’s not much we have to do to come up with that costume. ;-) We were more prepared last year […]

Pumpkin in Coconut Milk

Fall does not just mean apples but pumpkins galore as well. For that reason, it would feel like a crime to not make at least one dish using fresh pumpkin. :-) Opting for something spice-free (after the Applesauce Cake experience), I decided to use the pumpkin in a typical Malaysian-style coconut milk dessert (think “Bubur […]