Whole Wheat Double Fudge Brownies

We had managed to get another beautiful batch of strawberries at Sam’s Club right before Valentine’s Day. I decided to use some to top a few of these amazing-tasting Fudge Brownies. I would say that these brownies are definitely the best I’ve ever eaten so far (my husband just second me on that), and they are made from whole wheat flour!!! Not only that, they are soooooo… easy to make.

This recipe is in my King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking book but it can also be found on the King Arthur Flour website, under the recipes – titled “Tasting is Believing Whole-Grain Brownies.” In order to dress up the brownies a little for Valentine’s Day, I cut the brownies into 2¼” rounds (using a cookie cutter) , topped them with whipped cream (stabilized with Dr. Oetker Whip It) and whole strawberries. There you have it, a simple dessert for any special occasion. :)

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