Three Hours in Akron

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday! Where did the time go? So today, Keith and I (among several other parents) volunteered to drive our kids to their counterpart school in Akron for service day. Since our presence was not required in between driving, we took the opportunity to explore the area for food. What better use of our time, right? : ) Considering we are not from around here, we relied on Google and people’s reviews in addition to personal appeal to help us decide where to go.

Our first stop was Sanabel Middle East Bakery. Here, we broke fast with freshly baked cheese bread and Zaatar bread (flat bread filled with a mixture of herb and sesame seeds), still warm from the oven. They were absolutely delicious! Knowing we would be consuming more food elsewhere, we purchased Sanabel’s meat pies, hummus, and baklava to go. So far, we have tried the meat pies which were phenomenal – I could eat them every day, and the baklava (although it was not made by Sanabel) was the best I have ever tasted. In hindsight, I wish we had bought extra of everything to bring home. Ha! Oh well, I told Keith, we would just have to make another trip out sometime soon.

Next, we went to KFC (please don’t judge me). It had been years since I last ate KFC and even longer since I ate a decent piece of KFC chicken. Sometimes, I even dreamed (as in at night when I’m sleeping) of going to KFC back in Malaysia or Singapore but sadly, in my dreams, I never actually get to eat the chicken. What the heck, right? Therefore, when I saw a KFC in the area that has a four star review, I suggested to Keith that we give it a try – it didn’t matter that it was just 10:30 AM at that point! We ordered six wings – three original and three extra crispy, and went to heaven (at least I did, lol). Keith said they were delicious as well, which was high praises coming from him. Hmm…another reason to go back to Akron.

The last place we went to was Sakura Sushi and we ate what else? Sushi! Since we were super full, we ordered a three maki meal to share between us. We tried the Alaska (smoked salmon and crab), eel and avocado, and Philadelphia rolls. Considering how stuffed we were, we still thought the sushi was simply delish and so reasonably priced (at least for the sushi meal we got during lunch time). Hence, we ordered another meal to go and had eel and cucumber as well as Philadelphia roll sushi for dinner just now. Yum!

Thankfully, there wasn’t enough time for anything else because I’m not sure if we could have eaten more. Eh, who are we kidding? We could do it if we have to, errrr!

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