Wildwood Park

Yesterday morning, we were in the area and took the opportunity to stop at Wildwood Park, which is located next to Lake Erie. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I could definitely live right by the beach! ❤️

Summer Evening

We spent a gorgeous evening at one of our favorite parks earlier this week. It feels like precious moments such as these are harder to come by nowadays (we are either too busy or too tired), which makes us treasure these times even more.

Maple Sugaring and Easy French Toast

A couple of weeks ago, we went maple sugaring at Lake Farmpark. We experienced various hands-on activities and sampled freshly made maple products. Yum! Will definitely consider going back next year. :D Easy French Toast 5 extra-large eggs ½ cup half & half A pinch of salt 1 french baguette, sliced 1″ thick 1½ tablespoons unsalted […]

Alex Sledding for the First Time

Being a sensory-sensitive child, Alex is often fearful and anxious of new experiences, which unfortunately prevents him from trying a lot of activities. So last Monday, when my friend invited us to go sledding, I left it to Alex to decide if he would like to give it a go as he never wanted to go sledding in […]


Early this morning, we were awakened by Darwin barking at the other end of our house. Our immediate thought was that maybe he got stuck behind one of our sofas and was barking to get our attention. Instead, Keith found him in our family room, barking at the wall. For some reason, that action distresses me more […]

A Fall Morning at the Park

We have been plagued with so much rain this fall. Fortunately, we managed to catch a little break last Sunday morning – it was warm and sunny (and windy too!). Although we had chores galore, we decided to put them off until the afternoon so we could check out the gorgeous fall colors at our local park. […]


Here’s a quick and simple art project that Alex did recently – he drew a picture of a heron (instructions are in the Big Backyard magazine, issue June/July 2012) on a pre-made card, and colored it with markers. This special card went to Grammy and Grandpa. :D And here’s a picture I took a while […]

Miller Nature Preserve

While we were out piano hunting last Sunday, we decided to stop by Miller Nature Preserve in Avon since we were in the area. We visited its conservatory, which is on the small side but Alex had lots of fun searching through the plants for ones that would match the pictures in his scavenger hunt sheet (provided […]

Brecksville Reservation

We just had our first snow two days ago – Alex was extremely excited and immediately asked to go outside to “shovel” (i.e. scoop snow up with the shovel and dump it wherever he likes). :-D We even managed to build a small snowman (which looks a little creepy IMO) yesterday before the snow melted. […]

Ledges Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park

We’ve been pretty lucky so far in October to have had a couple of warm weekends, which we took advantage of and went hiking. Earlier this month, we explored a new trail – Ledges Trail in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Not too many trees had turned colors at that point but enough to let us know […]