Kitchen Sink Cookies

So delicious that we even sneaked in a few cookies before dinner! Out of the blue, Alex announced on Thanksgiving morning that he wanted to help prepare the Thanksgiving meal. Oops! I didn’t even think of that possibility and basically prepped everything the night before, leaving only the actual cooking to be done for a […]

Chewy Oatmeal Decorating Cookies

I was searching for a simple cutout cookie recipe, something other than the classic sugar cookies. Of course, I turned to my old faithful whole grain baking book for this task. As I was flipping through the pages, this recipe’s introductory paragraph caught my attention. I quote, “Who says cutout cookies for decorating need to […]

Oatmeal and Dried Cranberry Cookies

I saw these wonderful cookies on Martha’s Favorite Cookies DVD. I’m normally not a fan of chewy cookies but boy, they sure made these cookies look enticingly scrumptious on the show. I guess if you watched the show enough times, everything would look enticing sooner or later. :D These cookies were indeed delicious, up to the […]