Alex in His Chef’s Hat

Sometime late Spring 2009 (I’m trying to catch up with my old unpublished posts) :), we signed Alex up for a kids’ cooking class at a culinary school nearby. He didn’t enjoy the class as much as we had hoped because there wasn’t too much prep work for the kids to do, which is what […]

Lactose Intolerance?

These past four months have been quite a challenge for me, eating-wise. After a couple of months of stomach discomfort, paired with bouts of diarrhea every two or three days, my doctor is finally convinced that I’m lactose intolerant. I’m still not entirely convinced myself although sure enough, those dreaded diarrhea and stomach cramps stopped […]

Cheeky Chipmunk

I took these pictures in spring from inside the house (through the front window), which is why they are not very clear – I didn’t want to scare off the chipmunk by going outside. :) Actually, I didn’t have any intention of taking pictures of the chipmunk when I first saw it but it hung […]

Eastern Redbud

Below are a few pictures of one of my favorite trees – the Eastern Redbud in our front yard. I saw the Redbud tree for the very first time years ago in a local park. It was spring and the flowering Redbud, with its clusters of light to dark magenta pink blossoms caught my eyes […]

Spring Flowers

I love tulips. They are my favorite spring flowers – simple in form yet elegant. I eagerly look forward to them in our own garden every year. Unfortunately, they are also a favorite among the deer. We got away with it for the past two years but the deer finally discovered our stash of tulips […]

A Beautiful Spring Day

These pictures were taken fairly early in Spring (note the leafless trees, and bare flowerbeds). Look at how blue the sky was in the first picture. It was my kind of a perfect spring day – cool but sunny, with a cloudless blue sky. We don’t get many clear, sunny days like this over here, […]

Rolling Like a Pro

This week, we made Cheesy Ranch Chex Mix, Whole Wheat Double Fudge Brownies, and Wheat Thins. This was only the second time Alex had used a rolling pin but yet he was amazingly at ease with it. He did a great job rolling out the Wheat Thins dough. :)

Fun in the Puddles

We got a brief break from winter today, hitting a high of 63. The day started out rainy and cloudy but eventually cleared up for a few hours in the afternoon. Almost all the snow melted and left huge puddles of water in low spots in our front yard. Below are pictures of Alex, donning […]

More Baking…

This time, we made Plum Sour Cream Muffins and Chewy Oatmeal Decorating Cookies. As usual, he loved his baking sessions from the start till the end – all the measuring, mixing, and seeing the result of his (fun) labor. This was the first time Alex tried his hands on cutout cookies and he enjoyed every […]