Happy Thanksgiving!

We’re spending Thanksgiving by ourselves again this year. As much as we’ll miss being with family and friends, we’re hoping to make up for it by having a totally relaxing day tomorrow. Last year, we actually had a beautiful (and warm) Thanksgiving day and we got to spend it at the zoo. However, I don’t think that will be happening […]

Our Christmas

We had a busy time prepping for Christmas this year (or should I say last year), which should be pretty evident from the obvious lack of blogging between Thanksgiving and now. :D My sis and her family celebrated Christmas with us and so did my in-laws (Keith’s parents). We had an awesome time, albeit exhausting for everyone I’m sure […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow! It was a gorgeous day today! I think we might just have officially used up our quota of good days for the year. :D Since we opted not to cook a big Thanksgiving meal (which we will be doing at Christmas instead), we decided to use our free time to visit the Cleveland Metroparks […]

Happy Chinese New Year!

Being a sensory-sensitive child, Alex doesn’t appreciate Asian snacks much, especially the really pungent ones. So last night, when Keith and I opened the spicy cuttlefish snack that we bought from AsianSupermarket365.com, Alex found the smell (from across the room nonetheless) so stinky and offensive that he asked “Are you trying to make compost?” LOL Looks like I won’t be bringing durian home anytime […]

Happy New Year!

What did you guys do? We didn’t do anything special to start our year. Keith spent five hours i.e. the whole afternoon :-P installing our brand new dishwasher…the dishwasher that we bought online from Lowe’s before Thanksgiving, only to find out that the local store didn’t have it in stock (contrary to the info given on […]

Gong Xi Fa Cai

Pomelo or loke yau in Cantonese is a popular fruit during CNY as the word ‘yau’ sounds like the word for abundance, thereby hinting at an abundance of good fortune. Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year! Although I’m just half Chinese (from my mum’s side), I’ve always celebrated Chinese New Year along with […]

Christmas Greetings 2010

Hello Everyone! Warmest greetings from Ohio. We hope this holiday season finds everyone well. Can you believe Christmas is almost here? Where has the year gone? Here’s a brief recap of our year – Keith continues to be employed despite the sluggish economy, for which we are extremely thankful. With his current contract ending in […]