Happy Easter!

What a gorgeous day! Happy Easter to everyone who is celebrating. Here’s one extremely belated post – on the day (back in late February) when Keith bought me the miniature orchid, he bought hydroponic tulips as well, knowing that my favorite spring flowers are tulips. It was a little underwhelming at first, hahaha because they […]

Beautiful Orchids

So, last Saturday, I told Keith that I think he needs to surprise me with something when he runs his errands today. 😂 He declared that he always keeps his eyes open for things for me but they never meet my criteria, hahaha because my criteria are they have to be inexpensive (because I don’t […]

Garlic Chives

The garlic chives are in full bloom! While pretty, I had better make sure I clip them off before they go to seed. Otherwise, I will have a gazillion baby garlic chives. 😂

Beautiful Flowers

It was a beautiful morning – went for a quick walk and saw a hungry bunny (check out the post before this) just munching away, not caring too much about the crazy lady with the camera. 😁 There was a small strip of uncut grass in the neighborhood that is currently dotted with many beautiful […]

Black-Eyed Susans

Our Black-Eyed Susans are finally blooming! Do you know that Black-Eyed Susans are pioneer plants, meaning that they are the first plants to grow in an area damaged by fire or natural disasters? ❤️ Source: Department of Plant Pathology, OSU