Garlic Chives

The garlic chives are in full bloom! While pretty, I had better make sure I clip them off before they go to seed. Otherwise, I will have a gazillion baby garlic chives. 😂

Beautiful Flowers

It was a beautiful morning – went for a quick walk and saw a hungry bunny (check out the post before this) just munching away, not caring too much about the crazy lady with the camera. 😁 There was a small strip of uncut grass in the neighborhood that is currently dotted with many beautiful […]

Black-Eyed Susans

Our Black-Eyed Susans are finally blooming! Do you know that Black-Eyed Susans are pioneer plants, meaning that they are the first plants to grow in an area damaged by fire or natural disasters? ❤️ Source: Department of Plant Pathology, OSU

Beautiful Butterflies

Our garden is currently in full bloom and is attracting all sorts of flying insects including butterflies! We get mainly the Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and the Monarchs. The Monarchs are extremely skittish though (unlike the swallowtails)…..I can’t get too near to take photos of them. We have also seen hummingbirds but they are simply too […]

Flowers Everywhere!

These are the flower beds in our front yard. The coneflowers and bee balms are massive this year – almost as tall as my shoulder! Might be time to divide the plants again – looks like they are outgrowing their space! 😳