Steak for Dinner

Meat, meat, and more meat. We had ribeye steak for dinner last night with macaroni salad. Sooooooo delicious! The steaks were cooked on a gas grill. All we use for seasoning is just plain old salt (coarse) and black pepper. If cooked indoors on a pan, we would sometimes sprinkle on fresh thyme leaves as […]

Easy Cheesesteak Sandwich

Hmmm…wondering what was Alex looking at so intently? He was actually browsing a Lakeshore Learning Materials catalog, which he has been doing almost everyday since we received the catalog back in January. :D As indicated by its name, Lakeshore sells learning materials and Alex loves those things and can’t seem to get enough of them. To make it easier on our pockets […]

Louisa’s Spaghetti Sauce

Happy New Year!! You guys are in for a real treat! This recipe is named after one of my best friends – Louisa because it originally came from her family. I first tasted this sauce way back in high school but I didn’t officially get hooked on it until a few years later while I […]

Baked Beef Curry Puffs

Seeing that ground beef is on sale this week, I asked hubby what he would like – curry puff (Malaysia’s version of empanada), pasty (the English version of empanada of which the recipe came from hubby’s grandmother), or Louisa’s Spaghetti Sauce (named after one of my closest friends because it’s her family’s recipe). Obviously, we know what hubby […]

Beef Rendang

I came across this recipe approximately five or six years ago on a Geocities website. Although I have made this dish based on the original recipe before and it turned out great, I have since then tweaked and refined it a little because I felt there were too many variables to begin with to come […]