Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture

I decided to have Alex do the actual Louise Nevelson Found Sculpture project as well. I didn’t really have any small “lost/unused” items around in the house, so we ended up using things we had plenty of. :) Since all these things were basically the same, we just chose a few different ones for Alex […]

Flower Painting

I love this flower painting project – it’s simple and quick and the result is bright and beautiful. I did have to remind Alex all the way to paint big. :) He enjoyed this activity tremendously.

Watercolor Resist Snowflakes

Seeing how we almost broke the snowfall record in January, I guess this project was definitely theme-appropriate. Instead of drawing with a white crayon, Alex used a white oil pastel. I had to help him draw half the dots (as everything was white and it was difficult to see where to draw) and all the […]

Kandinsky Colorweaver

I introduced Alex to oil pastels for the very first time through this fun and impressive project. He likes the oil pastels better than the crayons because they produce such bold colors. However, I think he still prefers watercolor over anything else right now; maybe because it’s a quicker way to color and also, he […]