Stop and Smell the Roses

We went to Costco a couple of days ago to get some groceries and on our way out, I paused to admire the flowers. I was drawn to the purple roses and on a whim, I asked Keith if we should get it. While I love flowers, I rarely purchase them because I often can’t justify the cost to myself. He readily said yes! However, I couldn’t help but try to talk myself out of it. I responded, “$16.99 for a bouquet of roses? Do you know how much food we can buy with $16.99?” Keith laughed at me and said, “Honey, life is not just about food.” Uh……what? Hahaha. Anyway, we bought the roses. I do need that reminder once in a while. :)

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2 Replies to “Stop and Smell the Roses”

  1. Beautiful flowers! Sure to provide $16.99 worth of joy during this long, dark winter. Great purchase.

    1. The flowers are indeed beautiful! I need to stop comparing everything against the costs of Costco rotisserie chicken and KFC, lol!

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