Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens

We had a two day mini-vacation last week with Alex. We actually had planned it for the week before but Alex was sick then. Even last week, Alex and I were still recovering from our lingering cold but we were determined to have our “vacation” before school starts. On day 1 (Thursday), we decided to explore Stan Hywet in Akron, OH. Although we’ve lived in Northeast Ohio for many, many years, we had never been to Stan Hywet before this. Isn’t that just typical? We tend to explore attractions that are farther away first than the ones in our own backyard. :) Anyway, here are some photos we took that day. The manor house was really impressive and simply fascinating. We weren’t allowed to take photos inside though so we can’t share that experience with you. We have quite a few photos of the vast and beautiful grounds and gardens, but they really don’t do the place justice. So if you ever come out this way, it is definitely worth a visit. Enjoy!

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6 Replies to “Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens”

  1. Looks like a fantastic place to visit. I imagine it’s really active at Christmas, too. The flowers are beautiful.

    1. You guys would love it! So would my sis I’m sure. We’ll have to go the next time any of you visits. :) Have a great weekend!


  2. I guess we’ll just have to visit soon to see the flowers in bloom.:) As well as to get some photos with YOU and Alex and Keith. Glad for your pleasant “vacations” and hope you’re feeling on top of the world (but probably not just yet, unfortunately.) Love your blog! Love to all.

    1. I think Alex is starting another bout of cold or it could be allergies since he doesn’t have any fever so far. We’ll find something to see anytime you guys decide to visit. Might be a tad late for the flowers though but who knows with the weather nowadays. :) Love to you and Mom from all of us.

  3. Great place to see at christmas also. They decorate the whole manor and is very festive

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